#27 How to Create a Facebook Business Page in Just 15 Minutes

There are certain things that are optional for entrepreneurs. For example, you might consider creating a tagline for your business, adding another van to your fleet, or putting together an ad to run during the Super Bowl. These are options that could potentially bring benefits, but aren’t universally known as smash hits for all businesses.

On the flipside, there are actions that all businesses must take in order to stay competitive in today’s market. The charter member of this club is having a website for your business. A close second is having a Facebook Business page.

But wait, you might be thinking, Facebook is a silly waste of time. It’s true that many small business owners avoid social media because they feel it’s nothing more than a bunch of people sharing photos of their vacations or arguing about politics.

While there’s plenty of vacation bragging and political mudslinging on Facebook, it’s a platform you simply can’t afford to ignore. Consider these statistics:

  • Facebook has 2.89 billion users
  • 1.91 billion of those users visit the platform daily

There just isn’t a comparable platform for your business to use at no charge. So you might wish that Facebook would go the way of Friendster and MySpace, but it’s still the dominant social media platform. For this reason, knowing how to make a Facebook business page is a mandatory skill for any business that wants to thrive in our modern world.

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What Exactly Is a Facebook Business Page?

Your Facebook Business Page is a free way to build the online presence of your business and reach new customers. While it takes time, effort, and money to build and host a normal website, you can do it 100% free within the Facebook system. Better yet, you can make it happen in less than 15 minutes.

Your Business Page operates in a similar way to the personal page you might already have, meaning you can receive messages, send messages, post content, share other posts, send event invites, showcase your contact information, and interface with customers in a wide variety of ways.

Let’s look at some of the key functions of a Business Page:

  1. Boosts Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Businesses are always clamoring to improve their performance with the search engines. Simply having a Business Page can provide a rankings lift.
  2. Adds an Inbound Route to Your Website: Conversions on your business site are only possible when you’re getting visitors. Your Business Page is a simple way to add another inbound source of traffic. Once on your site, these visitors will have the chance to learn more about your business and take the steps toward a purchase.
  3. Assists Demographic Research: When you have a business page, you’re given access to Facebook’s business tools. And nobody digs into demographics quite like Facebook. Armed with a better understanding of your audience, you’ll be able to make more informed business decisions and effectively target your messaging.
  4. Adds a Customer Touchpoint: The majority of your customers are active on Facebook. So if you want a new way to engage with them, while also connecting with new prospects, a Business Page is a must.
  5. Improves Your Marketing: It’s free to use many of the marketing resources available through Facebook. And Facebook’s paid ads offer an incredible ROI, making them one of the most effective ways to promote your brand.
  6. Creates a Hub of Information: Your business page will clearly connect visitors with your contact information, location, About page, and reviews. It’s a highly accessible hub for a wide range of business details.
  7. Leverages the Power of Video: As video marketing takes a prominent place in the world, platforms that host and promote your videos will become crucial. Facebook is extremely video friendly, allowing you to get your creations in front of your audience when they’re in the mood to engage with your videos.

When these various functions combine, the result is always greater than the sum of its parts. For example, targeting your marketing with demographic research and then driving clicks to your website can yield incredible outcomes. Jordana Edwards, CEO and cofounder of Clean Tea & Breastfeeding Tea Co. recalls her company’s growth with Facebook.

“Due to a boosted post in 2015, we saw a 2283% increase in sales that changed our business forever. We have doubled our sales year on year for five years now, all with the use of Facebook ads, resulting in over $2.4 Million in sales accredited to Facebook […] My advice for others is that it’s not a matter of creating ads and hoping people will click. It is about using content valuable to the potential customer, what solution can you solve for them? Then creating an easy path to purchase, advertising a specific item, and sending the consumer directly to the product always performs better for us than broad brand ads with a home page link.”

Given these kinds of results, it’s no surprise that Facebook holds the social media crown. There are currently more than 200 million businesses using Facebook to engage with their customers. To put that number into perspective, 200 million is roughly how many people live in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain combined.

Facebook’s massive footprint in the business world should tell you a couple of things. First, hundreds of millions of business owners can’t be wrong—this really is an amazing opportunity. Second, you’ll need to make your Business Page special if you’d like it to stand out from the crowd.

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How to Create Facebook Business Accounts

A Facebook personal page is your passport to the business side of things. So if you’ve been a holdout thus far, it’s time to sign up. Using your personal account to launch your Business Page ensures that you are connected as the administrator. You can add team members to the business page as well, and their personal accounts will be linked in a similar way.

Ready to get started? If you have 15 minutes, you’ll have a Business Page. Here are the critical steps to follow:

1. Launch the Process: Log in to your personal Facebook page and go to the main account menu in the upper-right-hand corner. From this menu, you’ll see the prominent list of options under the header “Create.”

Our goal here is to create a business page, so skip “Post,” “Story,” “Room,” and choose “Page.”

2. Name Your Page: In the top field of the “Page Information” section, you’ll enter the name of your business. Don’t use an alternate name here, as you’ll want it to align perfectly with the name you’re using on your business website. The transition between the 2 properties should be seamless for your customers.

3. Define Your Page: As Facebook explains it, “A Page is a space where people can publicly connect with your business, personal brand or organization.” Since you’re doing a business-focused page, you’ll need to enter your type of business in the “Category” field. Just start typing and the preset options will appear.

For example, if you began to write “consultant,” you’d get the following options:

  • Consulting Agency
  • Educational Consultant
  • Business Consultant
  • Financial Consultant
  • Image Consultant
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Food Consultant
  • Market Research Consultant

If there’s not a perfect match for your business, just choose the closest option. You can enter up to 3 business categories, helping to narrow in on the key functions of your business.

4. Add Imagery: Now you’ve got to bring some life to your Business Page. As with your personal Facebook page, you’ll upload a profile picture and also a cover photo that will serve as the hero image for the page.

For your profile picture, you can use any image that represents your business and branding. The most popular route is to use your logo for the profile picture.

Be sure to add a cover photo. It’s common for entrepreneurs to use images of their products or store locations in the cover space. But it can also be impactful to use a more engaging image, such as a graphic image that you’re already using in an email or display ad campaign.

Once your images have been uploaded, you can toggle between the “Desktop” and “Mobile” icons at the top of the page to ensure the photos look good in both layouts. If you notice issues, simply adjust the photos in the Page builder or upload an improved version.

5. Spread the Word: At this point, Facebook invites you to send page invites to your friends on the platform. This is a great chance to get some early eyes on your page and start collecting feedback.

6. Add Some Meat to the Bones: With your page created, images added, and friends invited, you’ve got a nice online storefront. And you’ve only spent about 10 minutes getting to this point.

Now you’ve got to add some depth to the page. You can start with the basics, as the management of these supplemental details is an ongoing process. Go to the page menu and select “About.” Details to include here include:

  • A blurb about your business
  • The URL for your website
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your typical response time

Don’t scrimp on the details here. Treat your Facebook Business Page as you would your website, using your brand voice and adding elements that will engage your audience. Who knows… this page might ultimately outrank your official website, so you should treat it with appropriate care.

7. Add a CTA: A Business Page without the option of action is toothless, and who on earth wants a toothless website? Fortunately, Facebook gives you the option of including a call to action (CTA) button at the top of your page. Just click “Add a Button” and Facebook will comply by doing just that.

The only downside of these CTA options is that Facebook only has a handful to choose from. You’ll just need to select the button closest to your desired action. General options for actions include:

  • Book with you
  • Contact you
  • Learn more about your business
  • Shop with you or make a donation
  • Download your app or play your game
  • Join your community

Select one of these options and you’ll be presented with one or more buttons within that category to choose from.

8. Post for the First Time: It’s time to say hello to the world! Create a post that is timely and engaging. The more relevant it is to your followers, the better.

Consider this first post your chance to set the tone for the content that will appear on your page in the future. But if that idea is overwhelming, just know that you’ll have hundreds (or even thousands) of opportunities to refine your content with future posts. This is an exciting journey and you’ve just taken the first step.

Expand Your Business Page’s Reach

Once your Business Page is set up and you’re consistently posting new content, be sure to visit the Page Insights section to begin digging into the demographics of your followers. You can access Page Insights via the Manage Page menu. Facebook makes it easy to assemble data and find new ways to engage with your core audience.

For more insights on how you can leverage Facebook to accelerate your business, check out our How to Run Facebook Ads masterclass with Nick Shackelford. You’ll learn Nick’s “Algorithm proof” strategy, as well as his formula for creating ads that convert at the highest level.

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